• Reliable Sources

    How to Reference an Essay and Where to Find Reliable Sources

    If you want to write papers without stress, you should know where to get academic references and be able to cite them in your paper. Learn more about referencing here. How to Find Reliable Sources and Reference them in an Essay Writing an essay may seem like the hardest part of completing an assignment. But did you know it could even be harder if you do not know how to make a reference list and cite each of the sources while writing? Here are tips on how to find reliable sources and use them as references for your essays. Find Articles from Reliable Databases Online or in Your Library Using…

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  • APA

    General APA Writing Format

    We provide you with guidelines you should adhere to while formatting your APA paper. We also provide you with directions on how to format your paper using APA format. What to Know About APA Format APA essay format represents the official style of the American Psychological Association (APA) that is widely used to cite sources in social sciences, psychology, and education. Initially developed in 1929, it enables students and researchers to effectively present their ideas and scientific work in a consistent format. It dictates on the important presentation components of your paper, such as margins, content structure, referencing, spacing, and your title page. In this article, we provide you with…

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  • Tips

    6 Great Tips to Help You Edit Your Dissertation

    Looking for great tips on how to edit your dissertation? Are you Wondering about the importance of proofreading and editing your dissertation? We provide you with the right answers to all these questions. Why You Have to Proofread and Edit Your Dissertation After all those hours of dedication, tireless days and night and the numerous consultations with your supervisors, you are now closer than ever to completing your dissertation. It is a feeling like no other for a student. No one can dispute the effort it takes to get to the stage where it can be said that you have finished writing your thesis. However, since you want to leave…

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  • Guide

    Simple Guide to Get You Started on Your Dissertation

    Are you having trouble getting started on your dissertation? Have you started writing your dissertation but somehow got stuck? Why not take a few minutes to read these amazing tips about how to get it done? Why Writing Your Dissertation May Be Such a Challenge Anyone who has had the chance to write their dissertation can agree that it is one of the most intimidating and challenging tasks they have had to handle as a student. Why is this? For one, a dissertation is the most significant independent piece of work that a student will ever be expected to produce. At the start, most students show great excitement and eagerness,…

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