How to Reference an Essay and Where to Find Reliable Sources

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If you want to write papers without stress, you should know where to get academic references and be able to cite them in your paper. Learn more about referencing here.

How to Find Reliable Sources and Reference them in an Essay

Writing an essay may seem like the hardest part of completing an assignment. But did you know it could even be harder if you do not know how to make essay online writer a reference list and cite each of the sources while writing? Here are tips on how to find reliable sources and use them as references for your essays.

Find Articles from Reliable Databases Online or in Your Library

Using articles in your essay adds authenticity to it because it shows that you have researched thoroughly. Any class that you attend, you will hear your professor advising you to use journals in your paper. You can find these sources in databases such as Ebsco, Emerald or Google scholar. Most probably, your college library will provide you with access to Ebsco and Emerald. However, Google Scholar is available online for free. Select articles that provide information that is relevant in your essay because there may be many of them with a lot of details.

Reference the Articles You Select for Your Paper

Once you have identified journal articles that you want to use, prepare them for your essay. You do this by writing the reference according to the style that your professor indicated for the paper. Does your paper require APA or MLA formatting style? Here is an example of how to Cite an Article in an Essay using APA format.

Peljhan, D., & Marc, M., (2018). Total quality management and performance management systems: Team players or lonely riders? Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 29, 920-940.

Note that you should start with the surname of the author. This is then followed by initials of other names, year, the title of the article, the title of the journal and finally, the volume, number and page numbers. If your paper requires MLA, Harvard or any other style, the arrangement of these details will be different.

Cite the Sources as You Write

Some individuals choose to write the whole paper and then reference the work later. However, this is tedious, and by the time you go back to reference your paper, you may have forgotten which information you got from which source. To avoid such confusion, always cite articles, books, and other sources as you write. This will make your work easier when you finish writing because you will only need to proofread the paper.

Use Automatic Referencing in Word

There are times you may be required to write a long report with 3000 words or more. Such reports require one to use many references. If you are not conversant with how to write references in various styles, automatic referencing in Microsoft Office can help you a lot. With it, you need to select the referencing style you want to use and then enter details of the source. Once you do that, when you want to cite the article, you select it, and then the software will input the citation automatically.